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Meet A Tree - Blog

Kentucky Coffeetree -(Gymnocladus dioicus)

Posted on 29 May, 2018 at 14:00

The Kentucky Coffeetree -(Gymnocladus dioicus) - is a deciduous medium sized tree with large, coarse, wide hanging pods that are red-brown when ripe. It is best distinguished by it's large leaflets, large flowers, scaly bark and inflated fruit. At maturity it can reach 18-30 m tall and grows in an erect single trunked, with a low branching habit. The crown of the Kentucky Coffeetree is usually narrow or broad, pyramidal or rounded in shape. It is a member of the Fabaceae (Bean) Family and included in the very small Gymnoclaudus genus which only contains 2 species (the other is native to China).

The leaves are large up to 30 inches long, divided into pairs of opposite side stalks with 6-14 oval leaflets on each stalk. The flowers are greenish-white growing in large upright clusters at the ends of each twig. The bark is a reddish brown that becomes gray and irregularly fissured with age. The twigs are stout and reddish brown in color and hairy only when immature. The fruit is a tough, hard, inflated, red to brown woody legume that ranges in size from 15-25 cm long and 4-5 cm broad. Each woody legume contains 4-7 seeds that are hard coated and nearly round in shape.

The Kentucky Coffeetree grows in moist places, floodplains, riverbanks, bases of ravines and valleys. It is found in the Central and Eastern United States from New York and Massachusetts in the North, North Dakota in the West, Georgia, Alabama and Eastern Texas in the South. It is naturalized and planted as an ornamental further East. It grows best in rich, light soils. This species is unusually free of fungus, parasites and insect infestations. It is recorded that early settlers roasted the fruit of the Coffeetree for use as a coffee substitute, this is believed to be a possible origin of it's common name.

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Reply AlanHope
6:17 on 12 November, 2018 
Nice blog. Trees are the lungs of nature. Different types of trees are available in the world. They vary in size and shape. Different varieties can be seen in the world. The fruit of every tree is different. Trees have different uses. We use trees to make furniture. It also used to make wood. The bark of some trees has medicinal value. The trees are the basis of ecosystem. The trees help to provide a balance in ecosystem. The blog provides an essential idea to the readers. Thank you for providing his informative blog. All the continents are so nice to read.
The tree mentioned in this blog has so many uses. It can be used to make wood. It is medium sized tree. Its seed is an edible item. It can be used as a substitute to coffee. All the content posted here is quite interesting. Al l the readers can grab some new ideas from here. The will help to get more ideas. It is so essential to view the entire topic. It has some poisons character. The writing styles are important for all. All the readers can easily follow this blog. Here a simple language is used. So all readers can easily follow this.
Deforestation is the main problem that the earth faces. It cause flood like phenomenons. To save earth, have to plant trees. Trees are so beneficial. It provides many items to us. All part of a tree is beneficial. The tree helps to purify the air. It helps to prevent soil erosion. The writing styles are always essential to all. This blog keeps a good standard. I am so glad to view the each content. This is easy to read by all. Keep sharing this kind of informative articles. So interesting to read this article.